Through our wide network of commodity owners, investment firms and successful traders, we bring you the most profitable deals


Investing in resources is one of the most profitable opportunities for investors. Through our wide network of buyers and suppliers, we help you invest in mining and gas exploration projects.


Our main source of income for the last couple years has been sourcing commodities for clients all over the world. Whether it’s plastics or chemicals, coal or irone ore; if our clients require it, we’ll track it down at the best price and mange the entire process for you.


We have great contacts who can source and build property. Whether you are looking for a residential property in Australia or a commercial use land in the Middle East, trust our team to get you the best deals.

Business Development

Do you have issues growing your business? Having problems getting your brand off the ground? Give us a call!

Investor Programs

Our team has been heavily involved in sourcing projects for our group of investors. We have great reach to investments and programs based in Australia through our affiliates and JV Partner businesses.

Product Licensing

We also help you buy or sell product licenses in your country or in different countries. We take care of all our investors needs and help them make the right decisions to enable them get the highest returns.