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Please Note:   We conduct thorough due diligence on all our clients, buyers and suppliers immediately after our first form of communication. We appreciate and expect honesty, transparency and trust in every deal or project we put our name to. Therefore, we do not accept or even entertain “internet based offers” or deal with “broker chains”.

For “BROKERS”:   If you’re a broker and you want to email us, please introduce yourself, your company or what you do and the products you deal in. From there, we can ascertain if and how we can work together. Please do not send us product offers or proposals straight off the bat without any introduction or communication, let’s talk and get acquainted first and then we can work on solidifying our working relationship from there.

Company Addresses:

Larger deliveries or shipments will be handled internally and delivery addresses will be issued directly to you from an Atiya Resources team member (or partner) depending on the project. If you have large samples or products that you need to send to us, please call us first or talk directly to the representative that you’re working with.

Please note:   Remember to email or message us a copy of the delivery form (or receipt) that you have received from the delivery company (TNT, DHL or FedEx for example) so that we can track the shipment and match it up once it arrives.

Contact Details:

General email:
Australia enquiries:   +61 3 9010 6114
USA enquiries:   +1 646 736 7789
UK enquiries:   +44 20 3290 5909

If you’re in a country not listed above, then please feel free add our Australian mobile number (+61 421 010 971) to reach us through various communication apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Tango or LINE. You can also ask your Atiya Resources representative for their Skype ID as well.